The protesters gathered at Tiananmen Square could have been dealt with in many ways other than simply taking their lives. After reading some articles on the infamous day, I began to think about it even more. This article (an interview with Ex – Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew) is one of the few that I read on the subject, and it opened up a new aspect of the matter to me, where the idea of putting down the protesters is somewhat justified and with a country as big as China, to control a population as large as China’s, a strong, firm government is needed. In a Financial Times article on this topic, the true reasons for the protests were discussed. Some say that the protests were focused in on one thing, for example a change of government to a democracy. However, the true reasons were for much more than just democracy. I think that the ultimate reason was to bring a corrupt and spoiled government on trial for going against the way of Mao.