Yesterday, I watched a bit more of the film, To Live, and after reading up a bit on The Cultural Revolution, I understood a lot of what happened in the movie better. A man named Mao Zedong totally opposed the policies of the moderates, and in 1962 he launched the Socialist Education Movement to get people back on the right road to Communism. Lin Biao, the Minister of Defence, supported Mao’s campagin, and in 1965 he abolished the ranking system in the People’s Liberation Army, making all the soldiers equal. Each soldier was given a copy of Quotations from the Chairman Mao Zedong, also known as the little red book. In the movie, I could see after a certain point in the movie, almost every soldier in the scenes had a copy of the little red book. Even when Fugui’s daughter was getting married, the groom was a red guard, and the wedding photos had the little red book in them as well. Throughout the cultural revolution, these Red Guards followed every word that Mao Zedong said. His pictures, busts, and statues were put up in every street and work area. In the movie, when the groom of Fengxia was at the family’s house for the second time, he and his fellow comrades were painting a massive picture of Mao Zedong on the wall of the house, as the groom was a Red Guard. I have to finish the movie to continue on with the rest, so I will continue when I can.